Chris Boden

I'm a senior polyglot developer, data engineer, and aspiring data scientist who loves solving all types of problems.

Projects I've built outside work


A suite of WebSocket libraries for PHP. First started in 2011 when a salesman said "sure, we can do that" it quickly turned into my moonlight passion project for the next couple years. It has grown from small beginnings to being the most widely used WebSocket library for the PHP language boasting over 5 million installs.

Brewed Today

I love trying new craft beer but it was too time consuming finding the latest and greatest. Starting as a simple web scraper for personal use, when colleagues asked for the dataset I decided to share it as a website. It tracks Ontarian breweries, showcasing beer releases and shipping rates for online shops. Built with a combination of TypeScript and Python it incorporates Event Sourcing, human training, and MapReduce batch processing orchestrated with Airflow.

React (PHP)

A suite of PHP libraries built around the reactor pattern to facilitate long-running, event-driven, non-blocking I/O in a language that was built to die. Also started in 2011, with co-founder Igor Weidler, it has grown into a community with the core library being installed over 12 million times. The organization is thriving and now being maintained by people smarter than me.

Social Contacts